Privacy Perspectives for Data Privacy Day

A group of us, who are part of the EPSRC-funded, Monetize Me project, wrote an article on "Privacy perspectives: dos, don’ts, and to-dos", to mark Data Privacy Day on 28th January.   In this article, we highlight some of the challenges of understanding the privacy implications of a variety of new technologies, such as activity trackers and smart watches.  We make the point that:

"... it is not individuals’ responsibility alone to protect themselves from privacy intrusions. Technology companies and developers can adopt privacy by design principles to mitigate some of these risks, and such practice should become common, to avoid us becoming disillusioned with emerging technologies. Therefore, we argue that maintaining privacy is ultimately a collective effort, shared between researchers, developers and those who ultimately use the devices and services they produce."

The full article can be found on the Open University's news portal: "Privacy perspectives: dos, don’ts, and to-dos".


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