My research interests include:
  • Adaptive systems 
  • Analysis and refinement of policies for adaptive systems
  • Software engineering for adaptive systems
  • Adaptive security and privacy 
My research vision focusses on novel engineering approaches for adaptive software systems that allow ubiquitous digital technologies to be integrated into the ‘smart systems’ that enhance many aspects of our lives, from social interactions and education, to agriculture, health, policing and sustainable living. To be effective, these systems must be able to adapt and continue work in dynamic environments. My research ensures that the software at the heart of ‘smart systems’ can continuously satisfy dynamic requirements like performance, security, privacy and usability.

Current projects where I pursue this research agenda include:
I am also interested in computer science education research. In particular, I worked on studying the efficacy of visual programming approaches to teaching entry-level computer science.  I was part of the team that developed Sense, a unique ubiquitous computing experimentation kit that allows novice students to build computer programs that interact with the physical world and online information sources

For a list of my publications, visit my page on the Open Research Online repository.

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