I am a Professor of Software Engineering in the School of Computing & Communications at the Open University, UK.  I started at the Open University in 2006, with an appointment as a lecturer in computing in Faculty of Maths & Computing.

I am a member of the Software Engineering & Design research group, where I am involved in projects that undertake interdisciplinary research to bridge software engineering with social psychology, business strategy, human computer interaction, healthcare and machine learning, ensured the success of these projects. As a result, I am able apply my research to application domains that include online social networks, enterprise systems, policing,  the internet of things, and mobile applications.

I completed my PhD in Sep 2005 under the supervision of Dr. Emil Lupu and Dr. Alessandra Russo at Imperial College London, where I was also a research associate (2001-2006). Between 1998 and 2001 I worked as a Software Engineer for Sapient Corporation having obtained an MEng in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London in 1998.

Prior to that I was educated at Royton and Crompton School (Oldham, UK), Dharmaraja College (Kandy, Sri Lanka) and St. Thomas' College (Bandarawela, Sri Lanka)