Engineering Adaptive User Interfaces @ EICS'13

Cedar Studio: RBUIS Demonstration

My research student Pierre Akiki, whom I supervise with Yijun Yu, is working on a model driven architecture for adaptive enterprise user interfaces.  The overall objective of this work is to allow developers and IT operations staff to configure enterprise applications to perform run-time adaptations that make the user interfaces of these systems easier to use depending on the users' context.

We will be describing three different aspects of this work at the upcoming ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2013) - namely a role-based approach to user interface adaptation; some initial ideas for crowd sourcing user interface adaptations; and a tool demonstration of the Cedar Studio - an IDE that supports the design and implementation of adaptive enterprise user interfaces.  Details of the papers are as follows:
Additionally, Pierre's dissertation summary has been accepted for the Doctoral Symposium that is being organised as part of the conference.  So, all in all come the end of June we're going to have a busy time but am really looking forward to talking about this work with the EICS community.


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