Role-based User Interface Simplification

Demonstration of Role-based User Interface Simplifcation

My research student Pierre Akiki, whom I supervise with Yijun Yu, is working on a model driven architecture for adaptive enterprise user interfaces.  The overall objective of this work is to allow developers and IT operations staff to configure enterprise applications to perform run-time adaptations that make the user interfaces of these systems easier to use depending on the users' context.  In the above video he describes an approach for using user roles as a way of specifying adaptative behaviours that will 'simplify' a given interface.  We define simplification as the process of selecting the minimal feature set required by the user to complete a task in a given context and then optimising the layout of the UI elements associated with this feature set.

Update (11 March 2013): This work has been accepted for publication at EICS 2013 and I will post more details once we've finalised the camera-ready version.


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