As a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing at the Open University, UK, my teaching interests cover a range of areas including the following:
  • My digital life (TU100), an undergraduate module which introduces students to the basics of computing and communications technologies through the exploration of Ubiquitous Computing.
  • Sense and SenseBoard, a unique ubiquitous computing experimentation kit that allows students to build computer programs that interact with the physical world and online information sources using a visual programming approach.  This is used in by students on My digital life (TU100).
  • Software Engineering (M814), a post-graduate module that covers the essential principles and practices of software engineering.
  • Network Security (T828), a post-graduate module that provides students with knowledge, understanding and practical experience of managing secure communication across a large-scale internetwork.  It also prepares students to sit examinations for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) Security qualification and the  Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) qualification.
I am also the Qualification Director for the taught postgraduate Computing curriculum, including the MSc in Computing (F66) and it's associated PG Diploma and PG Certificate

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