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Not done? Well done!

“When will I be done?” - in a busy working life, with lots of tasks demanding our time, this is a question that arises from time to time.  In the break from work at the end of another year, I am reminded to reflect on the things that I have done and a particular conversation with a group of friends where we discussed what “being done” means to us. The discussion explored the role of different goals in our lives and what we each defined as the point of having freedom from obligations to do what we want. Some of the common themes related to the independence of our children and retirement from work. I also noted a sense that all of us felt that we were really busy right now, and there were plenty of things on the horizon that would also need our attention in the next month or so, but ‘things would get better after that’. This is a recurring theme I have observed both within myself and among colleagues and from other academics who share experiences online. Of course the reality of our si