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2019: Reflecting and learning

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay Normally, when writing this end of year reflection I have focussed on all the successes that I have experienced and not mentioned any of the challenges or failures that always punctuate academic life. From the missed deadlines for research papers or grant applications, to the seemingly inevitable rejections that follow those that do get submitted, and the sense of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work - these are common experiences to all of us in academia and indeed versions of these experiences are common to everyone. It is not a revelation that challenging experiences and failures in life are important learning opportunities - indeed more important than the successes in some respects.  Reflecting on both types of experience to reinforce positive behaviours and identify areas to adapt ones behaviour when needed, but it is not necessarily a given that this learning happens.  My own practice in this regard has been inconsistent, which

My STEM Journey

I recently had an opportunity to share my STEM Journey with students who attended the Stemettes Monster Confidence event at CDW in Peterborough.  The slides below are from my talk, which highlights how my interest in computing and electronics, and a sustained curiosity that has led me to a career in academia. My STEM Journey - Arosha K. Bandara   from  Arosha Bandara