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Dealing with the Internet of Insecure Things

I was invited to deliver a presentation to the Institute of Engineering & Technology's EC3 Group on "Dealing with the Internet of Insecure Things".  My talk provided an overview of the security challenges of the Internet of Things and argued that we should adopt human-centric engineering approaches to address these challenges. Abstract:  We are in an age of the ‘Internet of Everything’ where boundaries between citizens, governments, media, and societal organisations are becoming increasingly fuzzy as interconnected digital devices enable the collection and exchange of vast amounts of information across the globe. The availability of data gathered by these devices, coupled with advances in channels of digitally mediated communication, has created a host of new systems that are embedded into a range of human activities, including agriculture, energy, transportation, healthcare, policing, and education – creating the potential for a ‘smarter planet’. However, these cy

IET Innovation Awards Finalist! Winner!

Update (16 Nov 2017):  I am very pleased to announce that the Privacy Band was chosen as the winner of the Cyber Security category of the IET Innovation Awards.  Vikram Mehta and I were presented the award which is a fantasic recognition of our invention. "Privacy Band", our novel privacy management interface device, was a finalist in the Cyber Security category of the IET Innovation Awards .  The above video shows me discussing and demonstrating the device, which embodies a metaphor of "Privacy Itch" and "Privacy Scratch" as a mechanism for privacy awareness and control. The IET Innovation Awards were announced on 15 November 2017.