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Adaptive Privacy @ SET for BRITAIN

Our research on  'Adaptive Sharing for Online Social Networks' has been selected for presentation at this year's SET for BRITAIN event at the Houses of Parliament.  The work will be presented by Dr. Mu Yang, one of the post-doctoral researchers on our Adaptive Security and Privacy project.  She will be presenting a model that allows social network users to balance privacy risks against social benefits by providing advice on the optimal audience for different types of information. The work has the potential to strengthen the privacy for users of online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is based on our TrustCom 2014 paper, 'Adaptive Sharing for Online Social Networks: A Trade-off between Privacy Risk and Social Benefit' which received the Best Paper Award.  For more details our participation in the SET for BRITAIN event on 9 March 2015, see "OU Research at SET for BRITAIN".