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Round up and catch up ...

Recent weeks have seen a spate of cyber security issues that include the Heartbleed bug that created a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL library used by thousands of web services; the disclosure that eBay's user account information was stolen a few months ago (possibly related to Hearthbleed); and the Oleg Pliss Hack that appeared to ransom iPhone users' data by attacking their iCloud accounts. My colleague Andrew Smith ( @teraknor ) has written a number of articles for The Conversation on each of these attacks, all of which are informative and great reads: Let’s not panic like it’s 1999 as we clean up after Heartbleed : lessons to be learned from the Y2K experience when responding to global code fixes. Massive eBay hack - change your password now : how to minimise the likelihood of being affected by the eBay hack. Explainer - is your iPhone at risk after the Oleg Pliss hack? : what is this hack really about? Check out the complete list of Andrew's articles