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Publication statistics ...

My publication stats from Open Research Online (ORO) Like many universities and research institutes, the Open University set up a research publications repository back in 2005/06 (as part of the preparation work for the RAE 2008).  It is called Open Research Online (ORO) and has grown into a really significant collection of research outputs that span a breadth of topics - from health and social care to business and law and mathematics and computing.   A particular strength of the system is that it provides an easy way to share our research papers with the world, without having to manually upload things to our personal webpages. Recently the developers included an overview page that shows the download statistics for papers by each author, which shows that the 36 papers I have added to the system have generated a total of just over 7250 downloads.  The most downloaded papers relate to work on privacy and usability that was undertaken as part of the PRiMMA project.  Of course the

Unmissable blogs ...

I don't always have a lot of time to keep up with what is going on in the 'Blog-o-sphere', but there are a a few blogs that I try to read whenever possible.  In an effort to increase the frequency of my own blogging I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about my 'unmissable blogs': - written by Anthony Finkelstein, provides some excellent insights into software engineering research and academia in general, with some great humour thrown in. Check out some of the excellent '10 Top ...' lists! Geek Prof - written by Ian Sommerville, is a blog I've only recently been introduced to but found to be a really good read.  Wise words about the state of academia and research, as well as insights on a range of topics that range from cybersecurity to software and systems engineering. Crypto-gram - written by Bruce Schneier, the content of which can be accessed in multiple forms, including a podcast and a email newsletter.  This is one